Digital-Tutors – Retopology Techniques in CINEMA 4D


1h 23m | 1.91 GB | Project Files: Included | Software used: CINEMA 4D

In this CINEMA 4D tutorial, we’ll learn the ins-and-outs of the Polygon Pen and see it in action as we go through the process of creating a more optimized mesh for a sculpted creature. The topology or edge flow of our polygon meshes is important as we create our 3D projects. Good topology can mean fewer overall polygons are needed to reflect the detail we want.

Good edge flow is also important when creating final meshes that require animation. The Polygon Pen in CINEMA 4D is a great all-around tool for quickly creating and modifying a mesh’s topology. When combined with snapping, we can create new polygons directly on top of our high resolution meshes.

These meshes could be sculpts you’ve done in CINEMA 4D or work that you bring in from other applications like ZBrush.

By the end of this CINEMA 4D training, you’ll have a greater understanding of overall topology concepts, as well as some great skills for optimizing the mesh on sculpted creatures.

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