Digital-Tutors – Creating Publishable Templates in After Effects


2h 4m | 606 MB | Project Files: Included | Software used: After Effects CC

In this After Effects tutorial we’ll learn some really amazing and time-saving workflows for creating templates.

The goal is that by the end of this course you’ll be ready to hand off your project to a colleague who either does not have extensive knowledge or time for After Effects and the painstaking hours it takes to make something look truly great. You could also sell a template you create using these techniques in an online setting, monetizing your skills for a little extra cash!

This course is considered advanced and leaves out a few basic and intermediate things you should already know about working in After Effects. With that in mind, this course is going to give you some valuable tips about the way you can tie multiple comps together using expressions for the easiest experience that your end user can have.

You’ll learn some easy controls for hiding things like layers you don’t want them to change, or just generally cleaning up a comp for easier use and fewer layers. You’ll also learn some best practices for organization, options for end users, and overall safety for having the customer’s final product turn out the way you intended it to look.

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