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cmiVFX presents a brand new course by Jonathan Lampel that uncovers the power of Blender’s 3D particle systems. For beginners and veterans alike, this series thoroughly explains what each type of particle system does, and how particles can interact with other objects. With a firm understanding of newtonian, keyed, boids, fluid, and hair particles combined with force fields, vertex groups, collision objects, and dynamic paint, your creative possibilities are endless. You’ll work your way from beginner concepts to advanced techniques, and by the end, you’ll be well on your way to creating stunning 3D particle animations.

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cmiVFX – Blender Particle Animation.part01.rar
cmiVFX – Blender Particle Animation.part02.rar
cmiVFX – Blender Particle Animation.part03.rar
cmiVFX – Blender Particle Animation.part04.rar
cmiVFX – Blender Particle Animation.part05.rar
cmiVFX – Blender Particle Animation.part06.rar
cmiVFX – Blender Particle Animation.part07.rar
cmiVFX – Blender Particle Animation.part08.rar
cmiVFX – Blender Particle Animation.part09.rar
cmiVFX – Blender Particle Animation.part10.rar
cmiVFX – Blender Particle Animation.part11.rar

Mirror :-









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