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cmiVFX presents an all-new training series on X-Particles, a powerful particle simulation plugin for Cinema 4D. This plugin is quickly becoming an indispensable tool for avid Cinema 4D users. Say goodbye to Cinema 4D’s “bare-bones” particle options and tricky Thinking Particles setup. Embrace X-Particles, the new standard for particle simulations from Insydium LTD. X-Particles unlocks a brand new world of potential in Cinema 4D for creating particle setups like snow, rain, dust, fluids, and abstract design concepts like bursts, streaks, tracers, and more. The possibilities are endless. In this training series, designer Michael Szabo will guide you through 10 chapters and 4 hours of X-Particle lessons, highlighting all the essential aspects of X-Particles that you’ll need to know. You’ll start at the beginning with basic concepts about cornerstone tools in X-Particles like emitters, skinners, sprites, and generators. Next, you’ll work your way up to more advanced techniques, using things like modifiers along with question and action setups. Near the end of the video, you’ll be able to breeze through more complex lessons that will show you how to combine each of the different tools in X-Particles for use in more sophisticated “combination projects,” and you’ll also incorporate advanced features like dynamics and fluids.

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  1. C4D files > “incorrect file structure” error appears.

    Can somebody fix this problem, upload the project files again or the whole course?


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