Miarmy Express Pro v4.2.24 for Maya 2014 – 2016 Win64

Miarmy (named “My Army”) is a Maya plugin for crowd simulation, AI, behavioral animation, creature physical simulation and rendering.

· Build human fuzzy logic network without any programming and node connecting
· Adopt standard production pipeline, referencing, Human IK, motion builder support etc.
· Integrated with PhysX: ragdoll, RBD emitters, force field, cloth, wind, fluid, etc.
· Create Stunning hybrid crowdFX, Easily combined with Maya VFX tool, particles, field and fluid
· Support all renderers, like Renderman, Mental Ray, V-Ray and is able to run on Render Farm

Home Page: _http://www.basefount.com/miarmy

Thanks to ” Code Masters “



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Miarmy Express Pro v4.2.24 Maya 2014 – 2016_Win64.rar


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