3DMotive – Hand Painted Dagger


During this course we will utilize a combination of Maya and Photoshop to take a concept for a stylized weapon and translate that into a fully realized low poly hand painted asset for use within a videogame environment. We’ll start by briefly analyzing the concept, deciphering the different elements which will make up the model, and then from there, give ourselves some realistic constraints to adhere to. By utilizing the default set of tools available in Maya we will create a low poly mesh which maintains the character of the concept and move on to assign it a UV unwrap of which will be easy to read and more user friendly
paint in Photoshop. We’ll also take a look at some of the process and techniques used to create the texture map being sure to replicate the crafted look of the concept. Tools such as clipping masks, Variations and Dilation will be utilized to help keep our texture easy to maintain and looking neat for potential future revisions. Throughout the creation process we’ll also touch upon how things relate to a production environment whilst also pointing out any areas which are likely to generate the need for some problem solving.



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3DMotive – Hand Painted Dagger.part1.rar
3DMotive – Hand Painted Dagger.part2.rar
3DMotive – Hand Painted Dagger.part3.rar
3DMotive – Hand Painted Dagger.part4.rar
3DMotive – Hand Painted Dagger.part5.rar


Mirror :-










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