CGCookie – Creating a Locking Weapon System


In this Unity 4.6 tutorial we’ll be creating a Stinger missile launcher. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this weapon system it’s essentially an Anti-Aircraft weapon system also called MANPADS (Man-Portable Air-Defense System).

It’s a popular weapon in games such as Battlefield and even Call of Duty. You use it to lock on to an aerial target such as a helicopter or slow moving aircraft and once you’ve locked on you can fire a Stinger missile which will follow the target until it explodes on impact.

This course will go over how to create a Stinger missile launcher that locks on to specific game objects using a Raycast and tags. Once a target lock has been acquired we can then shoot out a Stinger missile which then follow the intended target (the game object) until it explodes on

This will be a fairly in depth tutorial series that covers various aspects that can be used in other games as well. Some of the things I’ll be covering in this series are:

Using Raycasts to determine which targets we want to lock on to
Animating a crosshair UI image with Mecanim
Adding 3d and 2d sound elements for added realism
Creating smoke and explosion effects using the Shuriken Particle system
Using physics to propel a game object through the air and make position and rotation adjustments in air
Using C# scripts to pass variables on to other scripts in-game dynamically
Delaying, stopping and playing various components with scripting
Creating a simple recoil animation within Unity
From this course alone you’ll get a broad knowledge of various aspects of game development with Unity and best of all you’ll have an awesome Stinger missile launcher that you can drop into any game with no modifications other than some tag additions to our enemies. Lets go!



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