KelbyOne – Creating Characters in Adobe Illustrator By Pete Collins

Join Pete Collins and learn how to take your rough sketches to a full drawing in Adobe Illustrator. In this class Pete teaches you tips, techniques, and tricks that will help you bring your illustrated characters to life. Starting with a simple sketch, whether on paper or digital, Pete takes you through the steps, from getting started on the right foot to all of the finishing touches, that will give you a better understanding for how to use Illustrator in your next drawing project.


Lesson 1 Introduction
Lesson 2 Getting Started ( 8 min )
Lesson 3 Sketches ( 6 min )
Lesson 4 Brushes ( 11 min )
Lesson 5 Tracing ( 7 min )
Lesson 6 Drawing Tips ( 10 min )
Lesson 7 Adding Shadows and Highlights ( 11 min )
Lesson 8 Finishing Touches ( 2 min )



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