3DMotive – Intro to Human IK in Maya


In this course, Instructor Chad Robert Morgan will go through the features of Human IK within Maya. To start, we will be discussing the origins of Maya’s HumanIK system and some of the pros/cons when compared to its MotionBuilder equivalent. From there we’ll jumping into the meaty stuff by covering skeleton definition, characterization, and how to save out definition files for a more streamline workflow. With the HumanIK character defined, we’ll cover the control rig and how to add and remove various pinning and IK controls on said rig before jumping into an example of how to build your own custom non-HumanIK rig using these tools, and then retargeting this control rig to some existing motion capture data what we will be making some edits to. To wrap things up, a few advanced feature will be shown so that you will have a complete understanding of the power of HumanIK in your animation and character rigging arsenal.



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