NextLimit Maxwell Render for Form•Z 7 and 8 v3.2.0.4

Form•Z 8 Free now supported
Sample project included for form•Z 8 (/Sample Scenes/Guggenheim_for_formZ)
Improved responsiveness and faster refresh rates in plugin Fire
Compatibility with Maxwell
Latitude-Longitude Stereo and Fish Stereo lens support
Layered Photoshop output
Nested Dielectrics support for autotranslated materials (Maxwell Material > Translate Shaded > Nested Priority)
Reflectance Channel option (object color without GI)
Grass grow toward world-up percentage
Scatter random uniform scaling option
Scatter “grow toward world-up” percentage parameter
Option to eliminate intersecting Scattered instances
When Extra Sampling is enabled, but no Custom Channel or bitmap mask has been selected, a warning is posted to the plugin log



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