Pluralsight – Fusion 360 – Architectural Hardware Design


Fusion 360 is a versatile CAD platform that’s becoming more and more popular. In this course, Fusion 360 – Architectural Hardware Design, you’re going to learn a little bit about Architectural Design and manufacturing, in addition to learning the techniques needed in Fusion 360 to design your own products. First, you’ll learn about basic feature creation, starting with a standard shape door knob with some visually appealing features. Next, you’ll learn about SubDivided modeling by creating an organic shape door. Finally, you’ll conclude the course by learning how to share and collaborate your designs with vendors and manufacturers. When you’re finished with this course, you will not only have the skills to create architectural doorknobs in Fusion 360, but also the knowledge of how to apply those skills to create a large number of products. Software Required: Autodesk Fusion 360.



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Pluralsight – Fusion 360 – Architectural Hardware Design.part1.rar
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