CLO Enterprise 2.4.66 r19284 Win64

This is 100% 3D
And the result of over 10 years of R&D in cutting-edge computer graphics technology. Our sophisticated algorithm simulates the physical properties of fabrics to accurately visualize the way they drape in real-life.
First things first: CLO is neither a mobile app nor a magical clothing-scanning device. It’s a design software that runs on your computer-desktopor laptop, Mac or PC.
It begins with a 3D body – avatar, body scan, or dress form, available in different shapes andsizes.
Stop Chasing. Start Designing.
With CLO, lead times are reduced from weeks to mere minutes*.
Confirm and fine-tune the 3D before you cut, make, trim, and ship the physical.
Eliminate the need for excess sample rounds and over-development, not to mention the costs that come with them.
It’s time to shift the focus away from the chase and back to what really matters the most: your product.



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