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1. Force Field System

The Force Field System is a component collection of multiple materials, textures, blueprints and an example mesh. Its purpose is to show the effect of an energy force field once a collision happens between the object inside the force field Blueprint and another object. It includes features such as, automatic hit effect detection, scaling and offsetting. This features make sure that the force field can be adapted to most any mesh without any further workload.

The master materials are easy to use and also customizable without any problem. One material instance already exists and is used for one of the Blueprints. For example, texture, color or tiling are easy to adapt to any environment.
Technical Details

8 Materials
1 Mesh, without LOD
6 Textures
9 Blueprints

Automatic Hit Effect Detection:
It will check the material that is used to show the effect of a normal
force field. If the force field gets hit, it will create the hit effect
with an appropriate design. An overwrite function exists as well, due do
that a fixed hit effect is for each blueprint selectable as well.

Blueprint Details:
The Blueprint “ShieldImpact” controls the effect, mesh and material. Through it the effects can be controlled globally as well as locally inside the “ff_*” called blueprints which are placed in the world.

2. Platforming Kit

Now with FULL Touchscreen Support for Android and iOS!

Includes a fully customizable player character complete with 21 unique animation states, editable parameters for every individual action and almost unlimited customization. Features multiple heavily commented blueprints that allow for easy customization and a video tutorial series providing and in-depth walkthrough of the system.

List of current functionality below with more coming in future updates:

Movement System
• Full On-screen touch controls
• Customizable movement speed,acceleration and more.
• Sprint
• Double/Multi Jump
• Wall Jump
• Wall Slide
• Dash

Combat System
• Melee Attack
• Ranged Attack
• Timed Block
• Basic moving/static enemies
• Combat XP and level-up (player only)
• Collect and swap weapons
• Timed Power-ups

Item Drop System
• Collectibles
• Enemy loot Drops
• Floating Text for collectibles and drops
• Floating Combat Text (damage and healing) for player & enemies

Health & Damage System
• Dynamic Health HUD for the player & enemies
• Fully Functional damage system
• Optional colour tinting, temporary invulnerability and knock-back effects after taking damage

Misc Features
• Audio SFX for major actions (attack, jump, dash, hit, impact, death) for player and enemies



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CreativeLive – Learning Design in Photoshop with Paul Trani.part2.rar
CreativeLive – Learning Design in Photoshop with Paul Trani.part3.rar
CreativeLive – Learning Design in Photoshop with Paul Trani.part4.rar


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