3d Coat V4.7.11 Win x64

Easy Texturing & PBR

– Microvertex, Per-pixel or Ptex painting approaches
– Realtime Physically Based Rendering viewport with HDRL
– Smart Materials with easy set-up options
– Multiple paint Layers. Popular blending modes. Layer groups
– Tight interaction with Photoshop
– Texture size up to 16k
– Fast Ambient Occlusion and Curvature map calculation

– Rich toolset for all kind of painting tasks, and more…
Digital Sculpting
Digital Sculpting

Voxel (volumetric) sculpting key features:

– No topological constraints. Sculpt as you would with Clay
– Complex boolean operations. Fast kit bashing workflow

Traditional sculpting offers you such powerful technology as:

– Adaptive dynamic tesselation (Live Clay)
– Dozens of fast and fluid sculpting brushes
– Boolean operations with crisp edges

3D Printing Export Wizard. See more…
Ultimate Retopo Tools

– Auto-retopology (AUTOPO) with user-defined edge loops
– Fast and easy-to-use manual Retopo tools
– Possibility to import reference mesh for retopologization
– Use your current low-poly mesh as your retopo mesh
– Retopo groups with color palette for better management
– Advanced baking settings dialog

– And more…
UV Mapping
Fast & Friendly UV Mapping

– Professional toolset for creating and editing UV-sets
– Native Global Uniform (GU) unwrapping algorithm
– Multiple UV-sets support and management
– Support ABF, LSCM, and Planar unwrapping algorithms
– Individual islands tweaking
– Lastly, it is fast, easy, and fun to use.


29.09.2015 4.7.11[beta]

– Primitives for retopo room. This is rather template than complete toolset. Only one primitive present there, list will be essentially extended in next update.
– Coat tool. This is non-destructive and precise version of VoxLayer. This is important step, it opens family of nondestructive tools in 3D-Coat.
– Imput decreased (the time between human’s action and visual feedback on the screen).
– Enable VoXRay in surface tools, Backface culling will be turned off in VoXRay tool.
– Correct normals sampling usage in Live Clay based tools.
– Fixed crash related to extrusion using “Initial vertex normals”.
– Everywhere in primitives edit boxes replaced with sliders.
– Better quality for 3D lasso selection
– Undo for renaming layer
– a lot if small stability fixes



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