Pluralsight – SOLIDWORKS Essentials – In-depth Drawings


Drawings are the way to communicate your designs to the world. They provide the ability to express as much information as you need to communicate clearly and efficiently. In this course, SOLIDWORKS Essentials – In-depth Drawings, you will explore how drawings are produced in SOLIDWORKS. In the scenario for this course, you have been tasked with detailing a piece of engineering history, a small steam engine, so that it can be fabricated in today’s manufacturing environment. First, you will be exploring the many SOLIDWORKS drawing tools, techniques, and the environment that will help create clearly communicated designs. Next, starting from scratch, you will be creating your own template and adding the needed drawing sheets. Finally, you will add views, dimensions, notes, properties, balloons, and tables to fully document and communicate the design. By the end of this course you’ll know how to set up the software and document the design from start to finish using the tools and techniques in SOLIDWORKS. Software required: SOLIDWORKS 2016



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