Udemy – Cinema 4D from Scratch: Project Based Cinema 4D Course

This course is different to any other Cinema 4D courses out there. In this course you will learn how to use Cinema 4D at the same time that you create 4 different and beautiful renders.

I believe that most beginner courses fail to help their students because they focus on teaching how to use every single tool, and every single option within the specific application they try to teach. But the truth is that in real life you won’t use many of those options. In real life, all you need to start to use any software application is to learn how to use about 10 to 15% of the tools and options within the application.The rest is information that won’t help you if you are just starting, because you won’t be able to find a good use to the more advanced options.

In this course I will not teach you how to use all and every single option within Cinema 4D. We are going to concentrate on the things that you will use most of the time for most projects. You will learn from the very basics, like how to navigate within the 3D canvas, and how to move, scale and rotate 3D objects. You will learn how to model using different techniques, like polygon modeling and spline modeling. You will also learn the basics of sculpting, texturing and lighting in Cinema 4D



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