CompuWorks – Adobe Photoshop CC Introduction


Adobe Photoshop is the premier photo editing programs. In this course, students will learn about the types of documents and how resolution plays a role. Students will customize their workspace, work with layers and fill layers, apply blending modes, and use layer styles. In addition, students will learn to use the various selection stools, save selections and work with Quick Mask. Students will understand color modes and create swatches, apply layer masks, flatten layers, work with layer comps, use adjustment layers, and work with filters and patterns. They will learn to crop, transform, and add text to images. Finally, students will understand how to print, convert color modes, and export to other file types.



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CompuWorks – Adobe Photoshop CC Introduction.part1.rar
CompuWorks – Adobe Photoshop CC Introduction.part2.rar
CompuWorks – Adobe Photoshop CC Introduction.part3.rar
CompuWorks – Adobe Photoshop CC Introduction.part4.rar


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