Cubebrush – Animated Login Screen


In this tutorial I lead you through the entire creation process of a potential Login Screen Animation for your game, similar to the well-known ones of League of Legends. During the process I introduce you to unique ways of designing thumbnails and generating ideas from initial abstract sketches to a final illustration. Together we dive into the world of After Effects which for you, as a Photoshop crack won’t appear to be unfamiliar.

Let your viewers stare at your awesome works for a bit longer. Get rid of the static and revitalize your concepts or illustrations and let them stand out! This is what we are going to create together:

Goal: Improve your ability to present your work and literally bring it to life.
Language: English (german accent)
Length: A bit over 2h
Style: I assume you know photoshop very well and don’t go into every little detail. I explain the core of After Effects and its built-in components we are going to use for a top-notch animation. The tutorial covers the basics of the AE-Interface, where to find- and how to use the respective functions. The process is sped-up, however software-introductions are real-time demonstrations.



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Mirror :-

Cubebrush – Animated Login Screen.part1.rar
Cubebrush – Animated Login Screen.part2.rar
Cubebrush – Animated Login Screen.part3.rar
Cubebrush – Animated Login Screen.part4.rar
Cubebrush – Animated Login Screen.part5.rar


Mirror :-










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