Blendersensei – Zero Brush Blender Addon v1.8.3

ZERO BRUSH 1.8.3 UPDATE LOG 02/17/2017
• The “Sel-To-Active” baking option located in the Zero Brush options menu no longer only shows up when you have two or more objects selected but instead displays all the time. This option now no longer auto-resets after used and can also be saved into a file or startup file as a default setting (though this is not recommended for most bake situations).

• “Sel-To-Active” bake functionality greatly improved. You can now reliably bake the effects of multiple objects to a single object in both Blender Render and Cycles.

• Several found redundancies and bugs fixed in the bake system.

• New option “User Bake Settings” allows you to further customize bake automation with Zero Brush. If you do not prefer the default ZB values for baking including, “Margin”, “Distance”, “Bias”, and “Extrusion”, with this option turned on, these values will be read from the bake menu of your current scene relative to the render engine in use rather than Zero Brush’s default values.

1. Unzip the updated addon.
2. Go to File/ User Preferences/ Addons/ (select “Sensei Format” from categories).
3. Expand “Sensei Format: Zero Brush” addon (right side of screen).
4. Press “Remove”. A confirmation message will appear, press it as well.
5. Press “Install From File” and navigate to “” and select it.
6. Then press “Install From File” button (top right of screen).
7. Press the checkmark box to activate the new updated version of the addon.
8. press “Save User Settings” before exiting. Update complete.



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