Pluralsight – After Effects CC Puppet Pin Tool

The Puppet Pin Tool allows you to create bone-like structures for characters and change the shape of compositions, images, and footage. By placing a series of Deform points, your asset becomes a piece of clay, allowing you to create animated effects otherwise impossible inside of After Effects CC. Along with the Puppet Pin Tool, you will learn how to overlap points with the Puppet Overlap Tool and stiffen areas with the Puppet Starch Tool. All three of these tools work hand in hand to give you complete control over your rig. When you’re finished with this course, you will know how to use the Puppet Pin Tool to enhance a frame-by-frame cycle, animate a close up of a face, and animate a full-body character. Software Required: After Effects CC.



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Mirror :-

Pluralsight – After Effects CC Puppet Pin Tool.part1.rar
Pluralsight – After Effects CC Puppet Pin Tool.part2.rar
Pluralsight – After Effects CC Puppet Pin Tool.part3.rar






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