TurboSquid – Photoreal Earth 3D Model Vol.2

4km-resolution photoreal earth model (3ds max 7, scanline renderer) with surface and cloud shaders and accompanying textures as a bonus.

Basic features:

• Dynamic response to viewing and lighting angle
• Photoreal ‘fog’ model with volumetric atmosphere
• Ready-to-render setup and environment, no external renderers required
• Suitable even for low altitude shots (ISS/shuttlecraft standard orbit) at TV resolution
• Bonus: Free 4km resolution (11,600px wide) diffuse, specular, bump and cloud maps. You may replace those with your own commercial textures.

Added features and enhancements in version 2.0 comprise:

• Viewport slider control over the most important functions
• Revamped shader tree, fixes to some problems, more realism, shorter render times
• Intelligent atmosphere reddening (sunset/sunrise), fully automated depending on viewing and lighting angle
• Optional city nightlights feature
• Optional space nebula feature

This product comes with an elaborate documentation.

PLEASE NOTE: the shader model requires the ColorCorrect plugin for 3ds max 7 through 9, which is freeware. A download link for the plugin is provided within the attached product documentation.

For your convenience, there is also a pre-rendered sequence (stock footage) available, featuring a spectacular close orbit around a refined version of this shader model. See ‘related products’ -> ‘Earth Orbit 360°’
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Mirror :-

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