Phlearn Pro – Parallax

Create New Worlds

Get lost in hues of blacks and blues as you create your own unique spacescapes. This is the time to be enriched, to be creative, and to be inspired. Take our images and fly with them.
Discover Blending Modes

Explore artistic editing options and learn how quickly you can accomplish them with a simple Blending Mode adjustment.
Custom Brushes

Designed by the Phlearn Team, these space-age graphics were created with versatility in mind. Mix and match the elements and play with color for your very own futuristic look.

Aaron Nace brings years of Photoshop experience together with unique compositing methods and critical attention to detail.
Learn to composite in Photoshop and The Parallax Effect in After Effects.
Portrait Compositing

Great composites start with great selections. We’ll teach you how to quickly and accurately remove your subject from their background, as well as apply adjustments that are essential for realistic composites.
Landscape Compositing

Combine multiple images into one stunning landscape using the Phlearn Compositing Method. You’ll learn to separate color from light values, which makes seamless blending a breeze.
After Effects Parallax

Never opened After Effects before? Not a problem. Our step-by-step instruction and cut-out PNG images make it easy to follow along. Transforming your images into 3D compositions can open up new worlds of possibilities – even if you’re a beginner.



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Mirror :-

Phlearn Pro – Parallax.part01.rar
Phlearn Pro – Parallax.part02.rar
Phlearn Pro – Parallax.part03.rar
Phlearn Pro – Parallax.part04.rar
Phlearn Pro – Parallax.part05.rar
Phlearn Pro – Parallax.part06.rar
Phlearn Pro – Parallax.part07.rar
Phlearn Pro – Parallax.part08.rar
Phlearn Pro – Parallax.part09.rar
Phlearn Pro – Parallax.part10.rar
Phlearn Pro – Parallax.part11.rar










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  1. I mentioned this in another comment here, and as I dig around I am seeing all sorts of tutorials. I’m now thinking that, instead of just having the downloads, you should host the actual tutorial/videos on Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Or, at least previews of the video tutorial content. Seriously, you have some killer educational content, but in order to even begin looking at it the files (gigs and gigs) have to be downloaded.

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