O’Reilly – SpeedGrade and Premiere Pro Master Video Color Correction

Color manipulation with Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade – Learn how to correct color and add color based effects to video.

This Color Correction with SpeedGrade and Premiere Pro training course Infinite Skills teaches you various color correction tools and techniques in Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade.

You will start out by learning to work with color correction tools in Premiere Pro. Jeff will teach you how to analyze tonality and adjust it with the Luma curve video effect and numeric controls. You will also learn how to adjust color with the fast color corrector, RGB curves, and create a film-like appearance with Lumetri looks. This video tutorial also shows you how to use secondary color correction techniques in Premiere Pro, including adding vignettes, changing and leaving a single color, and using secondary correction controls within effects. Once you’ve covered the color correction tools in Premiere Pro, you will learn about SpeedGrade and how the two are connected. Finally, Jeff will teach you concepts in SpeedGrade that include performing primary and secondary tonality and color correction, using SpeedGrade effects, and animating effects and color grading.



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SpeedGrade and Premiere Pro Master Video Color Correction.part1.rar
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SpeedGrade and Premiere Pro Master Video Color Correction.part3.rar
SpeedGrade and Premiere Pro Master Video Color Correction.part4.rar










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