Pluralsight – Final Cut Pro X Fundamentals

Have you been curious as to what all the fuss is over Final Cut Pro X? Heard about its unique editing paradigm that has made it so controversial? In this course, Final Cut Pro X Fundamentals, you’ll break through the buzz and learn the basics of Final Cut Pro X enabling you to create your own professional quality videos. First, you’ll begin by exploring the incredibly robust project setup and media management capabilities of libraries. Next, you’ll dive into the entire basic editing process and see how FCPX lets you edit at light speed and removes many limitations of track based editors. Finally, you’ll discover how to add all the fun extras of titles, effects, color grades, and more before finishing with exporting. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll understand more than just the buzz and know how to leverage the amazing speed and power behind this industry disruptor. Software required: Final Cut Pro X.



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