Helloluxx – Learn Cinema 4D Rigging In One Day

In this comprehensive 7 hour course, you will soon be up & running with core rigging principles. Take your animation to the next level & streamline your production workflow by learning these real world techniques of rigging for animation in Cinema 4D.

Following on the from our incredibly popular learn. Cinema 4D In One Day training, Tim Clapham returns with learn. Cinema 4D Rigging In One Day a feature packed series aimed to get you up and running with rigging in Cinema 4D.

Dive straight in with a quick-start on the core principles of rigging as a refresher and foundation for the remainder of the course. Tim then takes you on a journey through the various methods available for rigging and controlling your animation set-ups.

This training covers many techniques which are essential parts of the rigging process, including working with deformers, manipulating object hierarchy, morphing geometry and objects, exploration of the constraint tag and building your own set-ups with Xpresso, Cinema 4D’s node based expression language.

Finding the perfect balance of these processes and bringing them together into coherent and manageable set-ups is the key to successful rigging and animation. This course will teach you many real world and production proven techniques to ensure your projects and workflow are both powerful, robust and efficient.

Note: This course is aimed at general rigging for animation and motion graphics. Although many of the methods used in this training are suitable for characters, this training does not focus on rigging for character animation.



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