Udemy – Learn to Use Blend By Making Geometric Art in Illustrator

How to use blend tool to create geometric art

What Will I Learn?
Using Blend to make art and transitions
Preparing art for export and actually export it
Working with Adobe Illustrator documents
Using Alignment feature properly
Working and arranging artboards
Collaborating Illustrator and Photoshop (explained on the real simple case)
Work with Gradients and Colors

Adobe Illustrator (or internet access to download it)
Basic computer proficiency
Basic Adobe Illustrator knowledge would be of help, but not required

From this course you will understand how the blend tool works, learn to use it to get beautiful art, prepare and export art, and end up by applying this knowledget in real case.

After completing this class, you will be able to work with the blend tool freely, arrange- and work with- artboards, prepare art for export, export it in different formats, import to Photoshop or any other editor, and make a use of that knowledge for real cases. You will understand how and when to apply the blend and whats the difference between the types of blend spacing. You will end by creating this class’ promo image though simple, but the real project.

This class is easy to follow and divided on short parts. I made this specifically for beginners who want to grasp Adobe Illustrator features fast and effortlessly. And so, this class goes well for any type of student.
Who is the target audience?
Adobe Illustrator beginners
Students and anyone who is interested



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