TVPaint Animation 10 Pro 10.0.16 Win

TVPaint Animation is a 2D software based on bitmap technology. Thanks to this technology, you can animate natural renderings (gouache, watercolor, oil painting, crayon, pen…) traditionaly (image by image).

TVPaint Animation doesn’t impose a graphical style nor a workflow. Feel free to mix animation on paper and digital animation, do rotoscopy, use different software or simply make your project with TVPaint Animation entirely.
Full animation with TVPaint Animation
By combining Wacom© tablets technology (Cintiq, Intuos…) and the power of TVPaint Animation drawing tools, you will find all the advantages of paper animation without its drawbacks. Draw, animate et instantantly play your animation thanks to the remote : the time where you lost time with tedious line-test is over.

Avoiding those off-putting steps will make you earn time to improve your art.

TVPaint Animation contains all the necessary tools to animate without a paper stage : management of the layers and the images, light table, rotative workspace, image library that can store references and model-sheets, guidelines with vanishing points to make animations in perspective…

Various functions will also ease navigation in the images in your timeline, such as bookmarks and image marks (whereby you can mark keyframes).

And thanks to the flip panel, you will be able to customize the preview of your animations by setting up your own shortcuts.

Finally, you can use the out of pegs that allows you to temporarily adjust the Light table display of your drawings, through moving , rotating and scaling. This feature makes it much easier to do inbetweening on separate parts of a drawing. It works just like it used to be done on paper by taking the drawings off the peg bar. This is the essential function for animators, inbetweeners and cleaners !


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