Udemy – Create a Fun Life Simulator Game using playMaker and Unity

Important! To following along with this course you must own playMaker. It can be purchased on the Unity Asset Store! It is also one of the best Unity Assets you will find.

This game design was inspired by some of the most popular Life Simulator Games. Specifically, in this course we implement many of the features in Homeless?. It is available on the Google Play Store.

This course is for anyone who wishes to build a Life Simulator Game in Unity3D using a visual development tool called playMaker. With playMaker, you can make entire games without writing a single line of code. In fact, in this course we build and entire working Life Simulator game without a single line of C# code. The entire project is 100% playMaker visual diagrams.

Learn the power of visual programming:

Perfect for making your very first video game ever! Requires Unity3D (Free to download) & playMaker

Start from the very beginning and follow step-by-step. The course is designed for complete beginners

This course is fast paced and focused on building your game. Although this is for beginners these are not boring lectures with fillers. Each lecture you will be learning to design games and building on your game

Learn to build a complete game in Unity 3D with no C# programming required for any of the game.

Focus on incremental development skills will help you create you own games

Clear, easy to understand lectures that are paced to make it fun and easy to learn Unity3d & PlayMaker

Created by OdooClass Videos… creator of Idle Business Simulation for C# enjoyed by over 1,000 students

Great starting off point for those who wish to get into game development or expand their range of skills

Why would an experienced C#, Python, or Javascript programmer be interested in PlayMaker?

There are several reasons why even experienced programmers may wish to experiment with PlayMaker.

Building games in PlayMaker vs C# allows you to look at game development from a different perspective.



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Create a Fun Life Simulator Game using playMaker and Unity.part3.rar
Create a Fun Life Simulator Game using playMaker and Unity.part4.rar
Create a Fun Life Simulator Game using playMaker and Unity.part5.rar
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