Skillshare – Davinci Resolve 15: FUSION

Fusion is now integrated with Davinci Resolve 15.

It’s a robust compositing software, node based just like Nuke. And it is used in High End films from Avatar to Star Wars, Harry Potter, Superman, Spiderman, Ironman, X-Men, Game of thrones, James Bond films. you name it

These are just a few films, the list is long. But the question is not how many films, the question is do you want to join the professionals, and add the power of node based compositing to your workflow … FOR FREE… yes BlackMagic did it again. It has bought the monster software from Eyeon and released it for free. What an opportunity? One you cannot afford to miss, because now you can it do it all in Davinci: editing, visual effects, Sound and color correction.

And I will take you in the Fusion journey, from the very beginnning to get you up and running fast in a top notch compositing beast.

We’ll start strong with:

– a quick compositing,

– and then I will take you in a tour of the interface, because I want you to feel comfortable in YOUR new compositing software.

– You will learn how to work with nodes, including text, how to organise them and make them do what you want.

– Of course we’ll do tracking,

– stabilising shaky footage,

– rotoscoping,

– green screen keying,

– Animation,

– and much more including where to get more free OpenFX to have a richer toolkit.

I can’t wait to see what you will do with Fusion in Davinci Resolve 15.



Download Links:-






Mirror :-

Davinci Resolve 15- FUSION.part1.rar
Davinci Resolve 15- FUSION.part2.rar
Davinci Resolve 15- FUSION.part3.rar
Davinci Resolve 15- FUSION.part4.rar
Davinci Resolve 15- FUSION.part5.rar



Mirror :-










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