GreyscaleGorilla GSG EMC Redshift Material Pack

-362 materials
-4K tileable textures
-Bitmap-based shader library
-Custom GSG Shader Ball
-12 Everyday Material Categories:
Car Paint, Ceramic, Concrete, Metal, Fabric, Glass, Liquid, Masonry, Misc, Organic, Plastic, Wood

-Redshift 2.6.28 and above (Jpg files)

***Not compatible with Standard / Physical***

****Must have Redshift 2.6.28 and above!



Download Links:-






Mirror :-

GSG EMC Redshift Material Pack.part1.rar
GSG EMC Redshift Material Pack.part2.rar
GSG EMC Redshift Material Pack.part3.rar
GSG EMC Redshift Material Pack.part4.rar
GSG EMC Redshift Material Pack.part5.rar
GSG EMC Redshift Material Pack.part6.rar
GSG EMC Redshift Material Pack.part7.rar



Mirror :-










3 thoughts on “GreyscaleGorilla GSG EMC Redshift Material Pack

    1. Hello Vancliff.

      I have RS 2.5.48 too but when i apply a texture, the RS texture manager can’t find the texture… if i select Diffuse for example, the texture is black and the destination is preset://emc – redshift.lib4d/Fabrics – Redshift/tex/D_Cloth_Gingham_Blue_DIFF.jpg and final render is black too… i need to delete: preset://emc – redshift.lib4d/Fabrics – Redshift/tex/ and now works…

      Can you help me?


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