Skillshare – Davinci Resolve 15: FAIRLIGHT

Do you know what’s the number one factor that differentiates professional production from amateur ones: it’s Sound.
It’s one of the main reasons why submissions to festivals get rejected.

Set yourself apart from the crowd, and give the right attention Sound. Well, it represents at least 50% of your project and definitely more that 70% of emotions.

You will learn sound post production for your film, documentary, or any audio visual project with Fairlight in Davinci Resolve 15.

I will cover:
– The recommended workflow, step by step
– An thorough walk-through of the interface
– Where to find a large Sound Library for free to enrich your projects
– Sound Editing modes
– Noise Reduction using several techniques
– Compression
– EQ
– DeEsser
– Limiter
– how to mix properly Music with Vocals avoiding amateur music mixing
– and We will also touch on other topics such as panning and reverb.



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