Skillshare – Building 3D Houses In Blender

In this class, you will learn the process of creating awesome looking houses in Blender. You will learn all the concepts related to planning, modeling, texturing and rendering different types of house architecture. We will also cover the usage of different addons in Blender to help speed up our modeling workflow.

We will cover exterior house modeling in this class. We’ll leave interior modeling for a later class.

By the end of this class, you will have developed the skills and techniques needed to build and model awesome looking houses in Blender.


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Building 3DHouses In Blender.part1.rar
Building 3DHouses In Blender.part2.rar
Building 3DHouses In Blender.part3.rar
Building 3DHouses In Blender.part4.rar
Building 3DHouses In Blender.part5.rar
Mirror :-









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