Skillshare – Create Your First Walking Character in Blender

This class is the easiest and quickest way to learning the most important skills you’ll need to do character Animation. You’ll learn the fundamentals of character movement through the use of bones. You’ll also learn what makes walking look natural, and how to make your character look good when they’re moving around. This is all done with the absolutely free Blender 3D software.

This class focuses on animating a walking cycle. You don’t have to spend time creating your character, you can simply download your starter file which already has the character created and ready to use. If you’re interested in the fundamental aspects of modeling and animation, check out my other class.

Be sure to read the project description to get the reference file you’ll need to create your cool walking character.

This class does not assume any prior knowledge. You simply need a reasonably up to date computer. It can be Mac, PC, or Linux.



Download Links:-






Mirror :-

Create Your First Walking Charcter.part1.rar
Create Your First Walking Charcter.part2.rar
Create Your First Walking Charcter.part3.rar
Create Your First Walking Charcter.part4.rar



Mirror :-










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