Udemy – Learn 3Ds Max and Vray by creating projects – Ultimate

Learning 3Ds max is rumored to be very tough, That’s not true, we’ve found that the best way to learn something is to directly dive into it,

That’s why i’ve made this course

In this course I’ll walk with you step by step from the very first beginning to teach you 3ds max and vray by making some really neat models.

I’ll be building tons of stuff, you will learn the tools by practicing and you’ll have good library of great models made by you at the end of this course.

I will be including all project files needed for this as well as Textures and Materials

This course will take you from the very basics to the advanced stuff.

What you’ll learn
Make great 3Ds max models (Modeling)
Add textures and materials to your models (Texturing)
Understand how to make lighting and cameras (Lighting)
Use vray to produce realistic renders (Rendering)
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
You need to have 3ds max 2018 or later
You’ll need to install Vray 3.6 or later
Who this course is for:
Game makers who need to make game objects
Graphic designers who want to take another step forward
Architectures and people interested in interior and exterior visualization





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Learn 3Ds Max and Vray by creating projects – Ultimate.part1.rar
Learn 3Ds Max and Vray by creating projects – Ultimate.part2.rar
Learn 3Ds Max and Vray by creating projects – Ultimate.part3.rar
Learn 3Ds Max and Vray by creating projects – Ultimate.part4.rar
Learn 3Ds Max and Vray by creating projects – Ultimate.part5.rar
Learn 3Ds Max and Vray by creating projects – Ultimate.part6.rar
Learn 3Ds Max and Vray by creating projects – Ultimate.part7.rar



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