Udemy – Learn making vector face art from beginner to pro

What you’ll learn
vector face art

minimum beginner level photoshop experience

welcome to the most easiest vector art course

I am Akshat Soni and i am a graphic designer creating vector face art from 2 years.

and i love creating vector art. i am creating it for clients and they love my designs

Inside the course

Here in this course i am not only going to teach you the tools but also the skills that you need to create any art on Photoshop or any other software so in this course i will give you a proper knowledge about every part of the face and also detailed video about every part of the face from creating vector face nose or creating vector eye. this course is highly focused on the vector creation so after taking this course you will be able to create vector face art easily after doing a little bit practise

Why choose this choose this course ??

I am a professional vector art artist ( you can say ) so i know what art the important part to cover while creating a vector and this course is fully detailed about every thing about creating a vector from nose to hairs in this course you will learn the main fundamentals of the creating a face art in Photoshop and i will go step by step first i will teach you the most important tool that is the pen tool in photoshop then we will understand the lighting and color of the sking then we will start creating parts of face like nose and eyes at the end i will create 2 fully detailed vector to teach you how to complete a vector art.

What you will learn from this course ?

After this course you will be able to create any type of vector face art

and you will be master in using the pen tool

as you now you can learn or create your own way to make any art because there is not restrictions on art.

You can take client works online after taking this couses

places like upwork , freelancer, fiverr etc

you can join them there are lots of people whats there face vector art

even i do freelancing too.

So why are you waiting for take this course and start learning today !

and if you think there should be any change in this course feel free to say.

Who this course is for:
graphic designers, people who love creating art, digital artists



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