Gumroad – Creating Foliage in Substance Designer

Well known for his extensive foliage projects and unique style, Bogodar has collaborated with Levelup.Digital to share his workflow for foliage creation. Learn how to create a leaf generator, and add parameters such as age, color variation, damage, and waterdrops in Substance Designer. Gain insight into how to generate UV Atlases, and watch as Bogodar creates 3D models in 3dsMax. Finally, learn how to setup your presentation in Unreal.

In this fully narrated, step-by-step tutorial, Bogodar shares his personal techniques for creating a Mustard Leaf. Whether you’re new to Substance Designer, or a seasoned user, you will come away with something new to integrate into your workflow.

Bogodar is an Environment Artist from Lviv, Ukraine. He currently works at N-ix. He specializes in foliage creation, and is well known in the Substance Designer community for his attention to details and hyper-realistic vegetation projects. Bogodar’s procedural workflow has been featured in Substance and 80lvl.


– 4 hours narrated, step-by-step video tutorial

– 1080 Resolution

Software Used

– Substance Designer


– Unreal Engine




Familiar with software used


Personal, Small Business, and Studio/Educational Licenses are available. Personal licenses do NOT apply to companies or organizations. Sharing, streaming, and redistribution to third-party is strictly prohibited.

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Creating Foliage.part2.rar
Creating Foliage.part3.rar
Creating Foliage.part4.rar
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Creating Foliage.part6.rar

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