Gumroad – 3D Printing & Hard Surface Modeling

In this course you will learn all the essentials of 3D printing and hard surface modeling using ZBrush. The modeling techniques are presented in easy to digest step-by-step video instruction and includes the processes behind character design, creating concept, and shape language. We’ll cover what makes a successful 3D print, how to model your character to avoid printing pitfalls, and how to split up your model and make keys for the perfect print. Once you have a fully modeled character, I walk you through setting up the print, exporting an optimized model, and cleaning up the finished 3D print afterward.

I utilize ZBrush 2019’s new features, such as optimizing the folder usage and Live Boolean workflows, and how to customize your brushes to speed up your personal workflow. We’ll cover ZModeler Brush from basic to advanced modeling, and learn techniques that will translate to any style of printing (FDM, SLA etc.) This tutorial is made for beginner to advanced artists looking to sharpen their skills in hard surface modeling and learn the art of 3D printing (all with Redbeard’s usual sassy flair and goofy antics!)

You will be provided with original concept and all files used in the tutorial (custom UI, brushes, Alphas, ZBrush files & more.)

Come learn 3D printing with me!

Happy Sculpting! (and now Printing!)

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Mirror :-

Gumroad – 3D Printing & Hard Surface Modeling.part1.rar
Gumroad – 3D Printing & Hard Surface Modeling.part2.rar
Gumroad – 3D Printing & Hard Surface Modeling.part3.rar
Gumroad – 3D Printing & Hard Surface Modeling.part4.rar
Gumroad – 3D Printing & Hard Surface Modeling.part5.rar
Gumroad – 3D Printing & Hard Surface Modeling.part6.rar










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