Motion Design School – MAD VFX in After Effects Complete

Weeks 1 to 4 and final week update (which anyone else would just call week 5)

Want to add mad visual effects to your live-action videos? Learn how to work with 3D objects using Element 3D and how to create sci-fi effects to give your video a crazy feel of augmented reality.

You will learn how to create sci-fi effects from very distant future and crazy 3D compositions using Element 3D plugin, how to track your live action videos and implement all this beautiful stuff into them. You will also learn how to create your own Instagram masks.
who use After Effects as one of their tools and want to go deeper in creating Sci-Fi effects.The work of the author is fully focused on creating HUD elements and glitches. Also, you will learn the principles of working with various effects and get to know how to combine them so as to get the visual style you want.

Who have basic After Effects knowledge and want to complement their videos with quality effects as well as organically implemented 3D objects.You will learn to create and animate different HUD & Glitch elements really fast. Moreover, you?ll study the main tracking and compositing techniques to seamlessly implement your animation into live action videos.



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Motion Design School – MAD VFX in After Effects.part1.rar
Motion Design School – MAD VFX in After Effects.part2.rar
Motion Design School – MAD VFX in After Effects.part3.rar
Mad VFX Week 3.part1.rar
Mad VFX Week 3.part2.rar
Mad VFX Week 3.part3.rar
Mad VFX Week 3.part4.rar
MADVFX Week 4.part1.rar
MADVFX Week 4.part2.rar
MADVFX Week 4.part3.rar
MADVFX Week 4.part4.rar
MAD VFX In After Effects FINAL UPDATE.part1.rar
MAD VFX In After Effects FINAL UPDATE.part2.rar
MAD VFX In After Effects FINAL UPDATE.part3.rar






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