ArtStation Marketplace – 300+ Hard Surface Alphas / Demo Video

Happy y to introduce you my new Pack of Hard surface Alpha Brushes for Zbrush , 3d coat and other 3d Programs.

i named this Matte sculpting , because you get the big library of assets / alphas and free to mix them to make new Artworks

i planning to make this kind of pack more and bigger to let the artists get to the Big library’s and choose what they want to use , and spend time only for creative ideas beside the boring works.

Down below you can see the example of how to use them effectively.

Founder of Kitbash corporation

Mels Mneyan





Download Links:-






Mirror :-



Mirror :-

300+ Hard Surface Alphas.part1.rar
300+ Hard Surface Alphas.part2.rar
300+ Hard Surface Alphas.part3.rar
300+ Hard Surface Alphas.part4.rar
300+ Hard Surface Alphas.part5.rar
300+ Hard Surface Alphas.part6.rar
300+ Hard Surface Alphas.part7.rar









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