Udemy – Master Color in Photoshop CC

Learn professional techniques targeting color in photography.

What you’ll learn

Useful application of the Color Theory and color schemes in enhancing color in your artwork
Working with the color picker tool to control and manipulate color in your photos
How to confidently work with Masks and Adjustment Layers
Applications of the most powerful, non-destructive Photoshop techniques that target color grading, starting from RAW conversion
Best practices for performing a classic portrait edit workflow with professional Photoshop techniques
Tips and time-saving techniques to rely on when you are processing your images
Implementation of free online tools to design beautiful, effective color combinations


Ideally Photoshop CC, trial free version is more than enough
No prior knowledge of Photoshop is necessary, I will explain all the techniques in a simple way
We will work with high quality images provided as supplementary materials to help you move on even faster!


Learn to make conscious artistic decisions to enhance your artwork, based on color theory. Discover the role that color plays in photography and other branches of the visual arts. Dive into the basic properties of color, the principles of color harmony, and learn how to rely on the color wheel to create more dynamic works of art. Examine the cultural meaning of color, its emotional impacts, and how color helps imbue compositions with visual weight.



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