Skillshare – Futuristic Imaging: Photoshopping Your Pictures Into Abstract Art

If you pass by and see those colourful abstract images then think “wow it looks so far away from my skill level.” Please do not be afraid to trust yourself. In this course, I will break down every essential step to help participants learn how to use their creative mind to make futuristic and dreamy images.

Can you believe ? The image above used just one photo from my iPhone to create in Photoshop. And do you know, you don’t have to pick up a professional studio photo to make it! What’s even more? You can use the result images everywhere. As for business, you can use on social media cover photo, profile banner, or the background image of webpage…etc. As for home art, you can print out the result as a greeting card or simply being a decoration in your home.

Do join my class to learn how to release your inner dreamy power and turn your personal photo gallery into a series of futuristic, colourful and eye-catching art show.

Skill Level : All Levels

The skill learnt in this class suits all levels.

All you need is Adobe Photoshop, one digital image and a creative mind.

Equipment : Photoshop & one digital image





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