Super Weddings Academy – Full Wedding Video Masterclass

Introduction – The time of the Yoda
I will briefly explain all the reasons behind making this masterclass and how you will benefit from taking this adventure with me. Even though I will be the one speaking this has to be a table for two. I will not change anything in your life if you don’t commit and go with me all the way on this ride. You need to put your skin to the game and use this unique opportunity to learn, develop new skills and run a profitable business not forgetting about enjoying the process.

Topics covered

What will you learn
How will this help you and affect your life
How to use all this knowledge wisely

My Story – The rise of Man
In this section, you will get to know me personally.
I will give you the real deal, the raw truth about Sebastian and my work, life, family
and what I did to turn my life around with wedding videography.

Topics covered

How I started and what can you learn from it
Can you start a career with 900$ for gear?
Why is everydoby unique – and how to turn this into a job

Learning the craft – The shapeshifters
All you need to know about the technical stuff and behind the scenes of any wedding film.
From shooting a wedding to editing, color correction, sound design.

Topics covered

Equipment – best gear for shooting weddings (video and photo)
Gh5 vs A7III vs Pocket 4k
Log, Rec709, or Raw – what does it mean and what to choose?
Camera settings for a cinematic look and lowlight
ND filters and what to do if you don’t have one
What is in my bag
Editing software and hardware
Storytelling and emotions in a wedding film

Couple session – Follow the leader
You will witness a real couple shooting with me and learn all the craziness that
I do with on the wedding day or at aper or after the wedding day.

Topics covered

Choosing the gear
How to look for shooting location
Working with real people
Creative ideas
How to deal with panic attacks
Working with light

Editing and Grading – The Creator

We will study in detail how I edit a film basing on the footage we shot with the couple in chapter 04.
This a great opportunity to go through all the process of editing, sound design, and color grading.

Topics covered

The editing process of a film
Using the timeline as a creative tool
Using sound in editing
Color correction and using LUTS/Presets
Rendering settings
Wedding photography
Shooting both photos and video at a wedding

Business & Marketing – Riders of the lost ark

I am a Business & Marketing graduate from Bradford School of Management and all my past and current life I have done nothing else than putting all my knowledge into practice.
You will learn how to create and grow to a six-figure business and how to think creatively on advertising, strategy – because most probably you want to know how to get those awesome couples for your wedding, right?

Topics covered

Creating YOUR strategy
Getting awesome couples
Shooting destination weddings
Social Media
Prices and packages



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