CGCookie – Modeling a Sci-Fi Helmet


What You Will Learn


This in-depth course is about freeing your inner sci-fi designer nerd through conceptual sculpting and complex modeling. First we’ll approach the design of a custom helmet with Blender’s dynamic topology sculpting along with a useful addon called Sculpt Tools UI. This addon comes with several great tools, but mostly we’ll be focusing on two of them:

Grease Cut for to quickly slicing our digital ball into faceted shapes.
Extract Mask for easily generating additional pieces of digital clay.


After concept-sculpting the helmet, we want to convert it to a high fidelity polygonal model complete with stream-lined topology and fine details. We begin this process by retopologizing the main structures. Retopology is important because the conversion from sculpture to model legitimizes the hard-surface structure by eliminated bumpiness associated with digital sculpting and improves sharp edge consistency.

With the main structures rebuilt, we will polish off the helmet with very fine mechanical details like sprockets, plugs, clips, and screws. This final touch really helps to anchor our design into plausibility, which is a key characteristic of the sci-fi genre.

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