Blender Market – Auto-Rig Pro v3.59.35 Win x64


Rig: New Fingers IKs option for arm limbs
Backward-compatible with older rigs.
Fingers IK-FK switch and snap
IK target on finger tip/ or third phalange bone root. Can be changed on the fly.
Custom shape and color options
Parent options
Automatic Free-Lock IK targets parent

UI: Enhanced the arm options interface layout
Export: New animation export options: export only the active action + frame range settings. Thanks to Jesper for funding these features!
Export: New buttons to quickly set/unset the selected bones as custom bones for export
Export: IK bones for Unreal now support animation
Export: Allow export of humanoid without neck/head
Remap: New option to use the current pose or real rest pose when redefining the armature rest pose
Remap: New “Rokoko” preset compliant with new Rokoko bone names convention
Skinning: Voxelize could not work in certain cases. Improved with more accurate internal tests
Skinning: Voxelize could lead to vertices with no weight in certain cases

Rig: Error with IK Fingers
Skinning: Scale Fix did not work with some very low scale models. As a fix, doubled the scale factor.
Skinning: Remove warnings in the console
Export: Bottom bones not exporting
Export: Ear bones parent could be wrong when exporting as humanoid
Export: Animation Layer addon and action blend type different than “Replace” fix
Export: Splines IK and UE options error
Export: Issue with Splines IK as proxy
Export: Only Active did not work if the active action was disabled from export
Remap: Freeze armature incorrect rotation
Remap: Error when using an ARP as target armature with scale value different from 1
Remap: Ensures the target armature is set to pose position when cancelling Redefine Rest Pose
Rig: Ensures spine bend bones are hidden when secondary controllers are set to None





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