Gumroad – The BlenderBros Hard Surface Game Asset Course

A comprehensive, must-have course for the creation of two studio-quality hard surface game assets.

What you’ll get:

• Two complete hard-surface game asset workflows

• Modeling, optimization, high-to-low poly, unwrapping, triangulation, map baking, texturing, Unreal Engine and pro-level portfolio presentation workflow.

• 22 hours of video content (real time commentary)

The Idea

Game assets are not difficult to create, but they are difficult to understand.

That’s why we made this course – to remove that confusion and show you a seamless (pun has left the chat) workflow.

So let’s discuss the elephant in the room: how difficult are game assets?

Ultimately, it depends on the complexity of your model and your preferred workflow.

Generally, you only need to follow this simple set of steps:

1. Modeling

2. High to Low Poly

3. Unwrapping

4. Triangulation

5. Map baking

6. Texturing

7. Export into Game Engine

8. Portfolio Presentation

If you can master all of these steps, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

It looks easy on paper, but there are a lot of tricks and techniques one must employ to design these assets properly, and that is what this course is all about.

We spent a considerable amount of time piecing together appropriate workflows that work not only with booleans, but also ngon and weighted normal-based meshes.

The quad workflow was always heavily preached, but we’re here to tell you that not only is it inefficient when dealing with hard-surface meshes, it is also more time consuming.

This course will show you the proper way to handle topology, regardless of whether you employ quad-based workflows or our preferred boolean-bevel based workflow





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