Skillshare – Food Photography: A Beginner’s Guide to Lighting

What if you are just one lighting technique away from creating your dream food photos?
Did you know that lighting in food photography can instantly enhance the appearance of your images, set the mood, define compositions, control highlights and shadows, contribute to your branding and allow for creative expressions?

Hi! My name is Rose. I am a food and product photographer, videographer and a Skillshare top teacher. Apart from my obsession with props and composition. A tool that really helped in my food photography is the effective use of lighting and that’s what I have for you in this class. I will be sharing the basics of lighting and how you can set up your scene to create different looks and vibe.

What you’ll learn:

Why lighting is important in food photography.
The magic and different effects of light directions to your food photos.
The quality of light and how to use it to deliver different messages.
How to use the color of light to create an atmosphere and evoke an emotion.
How to use light modifiers (DIY or professional) to manipulate light.
How to find the best spot in your space with the best natural lighting and when to use artificial lighting for your food photoshoot.
Food photography light setup for different looks and vibe (light and airy, warm and cozy, dark and dramatic)





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