Skillshare – Intro to Adobe After Effects Motion Design for Beginners – Chris Zachary

In this Skillshare class, you will learn how to design & animate your first professional-quality animation in Adobe After Effects. Your project will be animating a logo reveal, with smooth shape-morphing, and polished compositing.

I designed this course to teach you what you need to know to get started with After Effects in the industry of Motion Design.

You’ll learn how to:

Navigate and use the After Effects Interface
Design and animate with shape layers & keyframes
Improve your animation with the graph editor!
Work more efficiently with precomposing & null objects
Add polish and style with compositing effects
Export your animation for easy sharing
One of the most important things you’ll learn, is how to use THE GRAPH EDITOR to make your animation look professional and smooth, not beginner and stiff. It’s the first thing I look for when evaluating animation work from freelancers.

We aren’t talking about VFX. We aren’t making crazy instagram videos. We are learning After Effects from the ground up with techniques and workflows I use every day in my job as a motion design director and animator.

No prior experience with After Effects is necessary. If you’re looking to learn how to animate in After Effects, and a professional approach to a simple, yet polished animation, this is the class for you.





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