Skillshare – Unlock Your Inner Ninja: Character Modeling in Blender

Are you ready to embark on a creative journey and bring your own ninja character to life? Join our step-by-step class designed exclusively for beginners, where you’ll master the art of character modeling using the powerful tool, Blender.

Class Overview:

1. Finding Inspiration: Where to Get Reference
– Dive into the world of ninja aesthetics and gather inspiration from various sources. Learn how to curate references to guide you in crafting a unique and captivating character.

2. Setting the Stage: How to Set Up Reference
– Master the art of setting up your workspace with references, ensuring a smooth and efficient modeling process. Get comfortable with Blender’s interface and prepare to bring your vision to life.

3. From Blocks to Beauty: Basic Block Out of Character
– Start with the fundamentals by creating a basic block structure for your ninja character. Lay the foundation for intricate details as you shape and mold the initial form.

4. Detailing the Masterpiece: Adding Details in Modeling
– Elevate your character with intricate details that make them truly stand out. Learn the secrets of precision modeling to enhance the visual appeal and storytelling elements of your creation.

5. Shading and Illumination: Adding Shaders and Materials
– Unleash the power of shaders and materials to breathe life into your ninja. Discover the art of texturing and shading to create a visually stunning and realistic character.

6. Rigging Made Easy: Adding a Rig to Your Character
– Navigate the world of rigging effortlessly. Follow simple steps to give your ninja character a lifelike range of movement, making them ready for action and dynamic poses.

7. Strike a Pose: Adding a Pose to Your Character
– Bring your character to life by exploring posing techniques. Learn how to evoke emotion and personality through dynamic poses that showcase the strength and agility of your ninja.

8. Illuminating Brilliance: Adding Lighting and Rendering
– Master the art of lighting to enhance the drama and atmosphere of your scene. Explore rendering techniques that will showcase your ninja character in the best possible light.

– A basic understanding of Blender’s navigation and functionalities. If you can navigate Blender, you’re ready to embark on this creative journey!

Enroll now and unlock the secrets of ninja character modeling in Blender. Let your creativity flourish as you sculpt, shade, and animate your very own ninja masterpiece!





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