Domestika – Architectural Drawing: From Paper to Photoshop

Learn fundamental drawing techniques to create hand-drawn architectural sketches and bring them to life in Photoshop with color and texture

Grabbing a pencil and sketchbook on-the-go to capture the essence of the surrounding architecture allows you to be in the present moment. However, bringing those sketches to life in Photoshop is something architect David Drazil does best. In this online course, he’s here to show you how to draw striking architectural sketches and enhance them digitally with vivid detail.

As the founder of Sketch Like An Architect, a project dedicated to reviving the art of drawing by hand with over 233K followers, David takes you step by step through drawing techniques and post-production methods to create stunning illustrations.

What is this course’s project?
Create an architectural illustration, starting from a hand-drawn sketch, then digitizing and editing it on Photoshop.

Who is this online course for?
This course is aimed at architects, designers, illustrators, and hobby sketchers who are interested in developing their mixed media illustration skills.

Requirements and materials
Previous knowledge in Photoshop is helpful, but not required.

To take this course, you need pens and pencils of your choice, an eraser, a sketchbook, a smartphone or scanner (to digitize your sketch), and access to a computer with Photoshop, or similar.





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