Udemy – Adobe Photoshop CC Advanced (2024)

Master cutting-edge tools, filters, and automation for advanced photo editing in Photoshop Creative Cloud.

What you’ll learn:
Apply dynamic effects with versatile Parametric Filters.
Use Neural Filters such as Skin Smoothing and Smart Portraits.
Employ precise pixel bending with Liquify and Puppet Warp.
Create engaging animated GIFs for diverse digital platforms.
Acquire essential video editing skills within Photoshop.
Streamline tasks, automate PDF exports, and create contact sheets.
Enhance visual projects with Neon Effects and Vector Style Illustrations.
Restore old photos using Neural Filters and advanced techniques.

A working copy of Adobe Photoshop CC
Basic to intermediate knowledge of Photoshop CC is required as this is an advanced course

**This course includes downloadable instructor files to work with and follow along.Welcome to the Adobe Photoshop CC Advanced course, where you can take your Photoshop skills to the next level! This course will equip you with advanced tools and techniques to help ensure you can unleash the full potential of Adobe Photoshop CC. Whether you’re a creative enthusiast, a budding designer, or someone seeking to enhance their digital editing skills, this course is for you.Explore the latest Photoshop tools, from adjustment presets to the cutting-edge Parametric Filters (beta). Uncover the power of Generative AI with the Remove tool and Expand feature, making complex edits a breeze. Dive into the world of Neural Filters, where you’ll discover techniques like Skin Smoothing, Smart Portrait, and Colorize, revolutionizing your photo editing capabilities.Master advanced filters like Polar Coordinates and Pixel Bending and tools like Liquify and Puppet Warp. Learn creative tools that guide you through creating a neon effect on text and crafting vector-style illustrations. Delve into GIFs and video editing, where you’ll create dynamic animated GIFs and edit videos seamlessly. Unlock the efficiency of actions and automation, automating tasks, batch processing, and exporting PDFs effortlessly. As you reach the course’s end, you should emerge with advanced Photoshop skills, ready to tackle diverse creative projects. Join us on this Photoshop CC Advanced journey and elevate your digital artistry.In the course, you will be able to:Apply dynamic effects with Parametric Filters for versatile adjustments.Use Neural Filters for tasks like Skin Smoothing and Smart Portraits.Employ Liquify and Puppet Warp tools for precise pixel bending and distortion.Create engaging animated GIFs for diverse digital platforms with ease.Acquire essential video editing skills within Photoshop for seamless multimedia projects.Streamline tasks with actions and batch actions, automating PDF exports and creating contact sheets.Utilize creative tools like Neon Effects and Vector Style Illustrations to enhance visual projects.Learn to restore old photos using Neural Filters and advanced techniques.This course includes:4+ hours of video tutorials29 individual video lecturesCourse files to follow alongCertificate of completion

Who this course is for:
Adobe Photoshop CC users who want to learn more than just the basics and expand their knowledge
Those who are looking to manipulate and retouch images using the leading software package
People who are looking to use Generative AI tools in Photoshop


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